Arduino Jam VIII 2015

The 8th Arduino-Jam has ended. We brainstormed, teamed up and started jamming. This time we had 6 projects. These are the teams and there projects that survived the 48 hours, enjoy !

  • TEAM 1: Floor Pong (Jan, Tom)
    Jan and Tom made a giant pong version where a laser dot is the ball, and players use sticks to “smash” the ball
  • TEAM 2: 24×8 LED-strip Display (Erik)
    Erik made a display out of a LED-strip and showed us a very known game. 8×24 individual addressable RGB LED’s in a nice casing.
  • TEAM 3: Body scanner slider (Toon, Jeffrey)
    Toon helped out Jeffrey with his Bodyscanner, where he needed an automated vertical slider
  • TEAM 4: 3-pod walker (Yvon, Ibe,  David)
    This team made a tripod walking robot, that needs to find a way to walk on 3 legs without falling over
  • TEAM 5: Blow my pong (Nick, Bram, Tom)
    The winning team made a linear pong version, where 2 fans have to “blow” a ball into the opposite direction

  • TEAM 6: Arduino Synth (Davey, Max, Joeri)
    Davey and Joeri worked on a synth – playroutine to play 4 channel music on an Arduino Leonardo

Get Ready for the 8th ARDUINO JAM

Hello fellow Arduino enthusiasts, we are currently preparing the 8th Arduino Jam.

TEAMCARDS 8th edition

Starting at the 23rd of October 2015 at 17h00 end ending 48 hours later on the 25th at 17h00, we will join together once again to let our creativity and knowledge flow into a yet non existing Arduino project that probably will be featured on instructables or hackaday.

So enter the jam and join our quest for an Arduino- and joyful weekend.

If you’re new to the concept of the jam?
Want more info?
OK, but how did it all start?
What did we do at the 7 previous Jams?

Arduino Jam VII 2015

The 7th Arduino-Jam has ended. We brainstormed, teamed up and started jamming. This time we even had 8 projects. These are the teams and there projects, enjoy !

  • TEAM 1: URBY (Jan)
    Jan continues laying his egg. Remember Furby, this should even be better. It has no fur and thus, making it a real Urby. This egg interacts with humans using light, movement and sound.
  • TEAM 2: BOMBAZA (Federico, Toon)
    How about a new style of “etch a sketch” with conductive materials !
  • TEAM 3: 50 SHADES OF GREY (Stephan, Chris)
    Line following robots is fun, but what if the line it follows has more into it? The line the robot follows is the score for a cool tune !
  • TEAM 4: FOOTIE (Tars, Duy)
    Why would we want to control a robot with our hands ? Let’s try it with our feet ! At the end it seemed a bit to far fetched, so they made a control wheel and a gaspedal.
  • TEAM 5: REACTIVE PLANTS (Jens, Piet)
    Lets make some plants communicate with each other
  • TEAM 6: USB ATARI (Joeri, Jeroen)
    Remember this old school Atari (Amiga) joysticks ? Let’s make them work on USB !
    25 meters of EL wire and nothing to drive it. LET’S MAKE IT! … The thing blew up. Now Tom knows why you can’t find drivers for 25m of EL wire. But Tom didn’t stop, he made a nice LOVE sign for his girlfriend.
  • TEAM 8: SERVO PONG (Erik)
    Pong … the most famous game ever. This time the ball is servo controlled light and the peddles are LEDs.