Arduino Jam VI 2014

Our 6th Arduino Jam @timelab has ended. In about 48 hours most teams went from idea to working prototype. The outcome was superb and it has been a real fun weekend !

  • TEAM 1: Mario Kartuino (Midas, Hugo, Titu, Jérôme, Florentin)
    Did you ever play Mario Kart? This team started out with the idea of a real live Mario Kart game, but changed the rules into a real live puzzle Mario Kart game. Controlled with the motion of your hand, you can guide your robot through the puzzle track as fast as possible.
  • TEAM 2: Balloon colour game (Charles, Chris, Ludovic)
    This game really started out from scratch. The idea of balloons changing colours, evolved into a really fun game, where the player has to change the colours of the balloons all into the same colour, by tapping them. To make it even harder, the game starts turning around and randomly changes colours if your not fast enough. The team even added “Simon says” into the code, so now this is a multi-game.
  • TEAM 3: Sucker 2000 (Kurt, Gerd)
    Do you want to help you wife, cleaning the table? No … how about a robot doing the job for you? Have a look at this table-sized self-driving vacuum-cleaner. If you order now, it even comes with an extra set of replacement brooms ! ;-)

  • TEAM 4: Urby the interactive egg (Jan)
    Jan continued laying his egg. Remember Furby, this should even be better. It has no fur and thus, making it a real Urby. This egg interacts with humans using light, movement and sound. But Jan got stuck and his egg didn’t hatch. to be continued !IMAG0117
  • TEAM 5: Interactive music (Pepe)
    Pepe had this idea of an interactive drum machine, where he would manipulate sound, volume and pitch, moving his hands opposed to each other. With his feed he would manipulate drum sounds an thus creating a new kind of electronic dance music. The project needs some more fine tuning, but Pepe gave us a nice demo.
  • TEAM 6: Guitar tutor (Federico)
    Federico wanted to build a Guitar tutor, that helps you practice playing the guitar with LEDs showing where to put your fingers. He learned a lot about LED matrix’s, but got stuck. To be continued
  • TEAM 7: POV stream (Toon, Erik)
    Toon and Erik continued there work on the POV disk, showing streaming video. Last Jam they managed to show colours, now they where able to show small pictures. Not yet the end stage, but maybe next time they’ll finish the job: stream video to their self made television.

Winners of the 6th Arduino-Jam

Congratulations to the winning team: “Sucker 2000, a self-driving, steering and cleaning robot” Well done Kurt Beheydt and Gerd Vanhoof. Thanks go to AppSaloon for sponsoring the very nice price: Arduino Yún boards + extra’s.


Get ready for the 6th ARDUINO JAM

Hello fellow Arduino enthusiasts, we are currently preparing the 6th Arduino Jam.

Starting at the 17th of October 2014 at 17h00 end ending 48 hours later on the 19th at 17h00, we will join together once again to let our creativity and knowledge flow into a yet non existing Arduino project that probably will be featured on instructables or hackaday.

So enter the jam and join our quest for an Arduino- and joyful weekend.

If you’re new to the concept of the jam?
Want more info?
OK, but how did it all start?
What did we do at the 5 previous Jams?

Arduino Day Antwerp


Sign Up (click the image for more info), because we will be there with a MINI Arduino-JAM: jamming the game “Simon Says” with some LED’s and push buttons in about 4 hours of time.


Arduino JAM V 2014

Our 5th Arduino Jam @timelab has ended. In about 48 hours most teams went from idea to working prototype. The outcome was superb and it has been a real fun weekend!

  • TEAM 1: Pixel Fighter (Joeri)
    Joeri started creating a 2 player fighting game with music on the Arduino Uno without any extra IC’s, hoping he would be able to show something at the end, but managed to actually finish the game within 48 hours.
  • TEAM 2: POV stream (Erik, Toon, Yannick)
    Eric wanted to make a POV disk showing streaming video and teamed up with Toon and Yannick. All hardware is embedded into the disk. They where able to show colours and sending colour data wireless to the disk, but needed more time to actually show a picture, so they went for psychedelic colour effects.
  • TEAM 3: Pick & Place (Koen, Maarten)
    Koen brought his robot arm and wanted it to pick up stuff, recognize it and place it by colour. Together with Maarten, he had lot’s of trouble making the arm move, and ran out of time to complete the project, but did learn a lot.
  • TEAM 4: Cube Synth (Maarten, Valerio, Jeroen)
    Valerio was into music and wanted to do something with synthesizers and the Arduino. Together with Maarten and Jeroen, he started working en the Synth Cube, making different sounds and colours depending how you turn over the cube.
  • TEAM 5: Auto Cook (Ziping, Glenn)
    Ziping needed a machine to cook his diner, so together with Glenn he started working on one. This machine has a build-in display, showing different recipes. Once you make your choice, the machine will auto add herbs, put on the heat and turn it back off when finished. All you need to do is, stir from time to time.
  • TEAM 6: Urby the egg (Jan, Bert, Midas)
    Jan had to lay his egg, so he did and teamed up with Bert and Midas. Remember Furby, this is even better. It has no fur and thus, making it a real Urby. This egg reacts to human input using light, movement and sound.
  • TEAM 7: Photographia (Jolien, Tom)
    Jolien wanted to take stunning pictures, and figured out with Tom, how to use the Arduino to auto dim the lights, trigger the flash on sound or/and movement (braking line of sight) and even how to adjust the trigger point in time. She did take some very cool pictures. AND THEY WON !