Arduino Jam the start

The founders of the Arduino Jam, Toon N. and Jeroen P. wanted to do more with the arduino platform. And when they won the local competition of the Global Game Jam 2011 in Antwerp, they wanted to do something similar for the Arduino.

They found a great partner at timelab in Ghent, who lended them there beautiful equipped fablab. Mid winter 2012 while a snow storm was blowing over Belgium and the temperature dropped below 0°C they gathered 18 other Arduino enthusiasts to jam for 48 hours.
While it was maybe a bit cold in the big space of timelab, the jammers made it a warm place by working hard on there beautiful and genius products.
Problems where solved while new problems arrived and there deadline came nearby. But in the end we got 7 projects finnished and some of them documented.

Arduino Jam philosophy

The jam must be a creative event based around the Arduino platform.
The jam must be a learning event.
The input must be from the whole group.
The projects must be a product of the team and started on the jam
The projects must be finished within the deadline of 48 hours.
The projects must be documented so we can return it to the community.
The jam serves as a community build event.

Arduino Jam team

The Arduino Jam organization exist out of volunteers and everybody is free to join and to help the jammers with there goals. If you want to help contact us

We have a organizing, promotional team that does the pre event stuff.
During the Jam we have a nice group of people joining to cook and take care of the publicity.
After the jam we try to get the nice projects in the picture of the online communities.

Arduino Jam event concept

We take care of the food, drinks and a nice price for the winning project.
We keep the food and entrance price as low as possible by searching for a few sponsors.
We try to find a nice fablab so the jammers can make a nice finished  product.
At the end of the jam we ask all the jammers who made the nicest project, the winning team is rewarded with a nice price. For that price we would prefer to find a sponsor.
We help the jammers with the documentation of there project, by taking pictures during the build.
Afterwards we try to get the projects in the picture of the online communities.

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