Arduino Jam III 2013

Our Third Arduino Jam @timelab started on the 15th February till the 17th with 17 jammers working on 6 projects. This time we started blank. Every one was free to give ideas, work on a project they already started, make new ones, or make existing ones better. The outcome was marvelous. 6 projects, all using the Arduino.


  • TEAM 1: Whack A Noodle (Floris, Jeffrey, Joeri)
    Who didn’t play whack a mole? Why not playing this on a wall? Randomly projecting in a 5 by 5 grid those moles on a wall. But watch out not to whack the wrong ones.
  • TEAM 2: 4 on A Glow (Jeroen, Thijs, Tom)
    Yet another game, “four in a row” with a twist, literally a strange twist. You play for “4 on a glow” on an RGB matrix. Nothing special yet, but you can turn the game over to 1 side, twisting the play field, changing your changes for winning the game or loosing it.
  • TEAM 3: Romanzo Digitale (Yannick, Wim, Erik)
    Robots, they’re every where, but do they have any poetry? Romanzo Digitale Robots do, they move, they dance, they make ART. Yes ART making Robots, how about that.
  • TEAM 4: Wake Me Play (Rogier, Maarten, Toon)
    Having troubles getting out of bed? This alarm clock might be your solution. When the Wake-Me-Play alarm clock starts making terrible noise, you can’t just turn it off or snooze it. You have to etch-a-sketch style follow a line on the wall, to make your nightmare stop.
  • TEAM 5: Zappelin (Yvon, Charles, Midas)
    How about controlling a real zeppelin with your own home IR device
  • TEAM 6:¬†Automutulating Deathray (Lieven, Yannick)
    1. Building a death ray 2. Aim at yourself 3. Be warm and cosy. This project is a solar tracker device that uses the sun rays for heating a room or place.

Thanks for our Sponsor who made this Jam possible: