Arduino Jam VIII 2015

The 8th Arduino-Jam has ended. We brainstormed, teamed up and started jamming. This time we had 6 projects. These are the teams and there projects that survived the 48 hours, enjoy !

  • TEAM 1: Floor Pong (Jan, Tom)
    Jan and Tom made a giant pong version where a laser dot is the ball, and players use sticks to “smash” the ball
  • TEAM 2: 24×8 LED-strip Display (Erik)
    Erik made a display out of a LED-strip and showed us a very known game. 8×24 individual addressable RGB LED’s in a nice casing.
  • TEAM 3: Body scanner slider (Toon, Jeffrey)
    Toon helped out Jeffrey with his Bodyscanner, where he needed an automated vertical slider
  • TEAM 4: 3-pod walker (Yvon, Ibe,  David)
    This team made a tripod walking robot, that needs to find a way to walk on 3 legs without falling over
  • TEAM 5: Blow my pong (Nick, Bram, Tom)
    The winning team made a linear pong version, where 2 fans have to “blow” a ball into the opposite direction

  • TEAM 6: Arduino Synth (Davey, Max, Joeri)
    Davey and Joeri worked on a synth – playroutine to play 4 channel music on an Arduino Leonardo