Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re very sorry to have to inform you about the cancellation of our 10th Arduino-Jam. People that already entered will get an email and those who already payed, will be fully refunded. If you have any questions, you can always ask on twitter or send us an email on info (at) arduino-jam.org

Arduino JAM IX 2016

The 9th Arduino-Jam has ended. We brainstormed, teamed up and started jamming. In total people worked on 9 projects . These are the projects that survived the 48 hours, enjoy !

    • TEAM 1: Singing Sword (Jan)
      Jan made a sword that produces the sound of a real sword when it swings or clashes.


    • TEAM 2: Gym Interval Timer (Tom)
      Tom made a timer with led strips for a gym room.


    • TEAM 3: Adem (Breathe) (Dag & Jos)
      Dag and Jos worked on a project called “Adem”. It collects data on air pollution.


    • TEAM 4: Sound Wave Printer (Toon)
      Toon made a light printer that can show the waves produced by sound.


    • TEAM 5: Shadow Sound (Rob)
      Rob made an instrument that reacts to light(shadow).


    • TEAM 6: Pinball (Sven,Midas & Bert)
      Yves, Midas and Bert made a pinball machine out of cardboard, lego and Arduinos.


    • TEAM 7: Guitar Trainer (Federico & Huong)
      Federico and Huong continued there work on the Guitar Trainer, Federico once started on a previous JAM.


    • TEAM 8: Body Scanner (Jeffrey)
      Jeffrey continued his work on his selfmade body scanner, he started on a previous JAM.


    • TEAM 9: Zombie Game (Joeri, Fuopy, Davey and Justin)
      Joeri decided to make a game for Arduboy (an Arduino based game console) with the online help of Fuopy (who was in the USA), Davey (in Sweden, but joined the previous JAM) and Justin (who was in Canada).

Get Ready for the 9th ARDUINO JAM

Hello fellow Arduino enthusiasts, we are currently preparing the 9th Arduino Jam.

TEAMCARDS 9th edition

Starting at the 18th of March 2016 at 17h00 end ending 48 hours later on the 20th at 17h00, we will join together once again to let our creativity and knowledge flow into a yet non existing Arduino project that probably will be featured on instructables or hackaday.

So enter the jam and join our quest for an Arduino- and joyful weekend.

If you’re new to the concept of the jam?
Want more info?
OK, but how did it all start?
What did we do at the 8 previous Jams?

Arduino Jam VIII 2015

The 8th Arduino-Jam has ended. We brainstormed, teamed up and started jamming. This time we had 6 projects. These are the teams and there projects that survived the 48 hours, enjoy !

  • TEAM 1: Floor Pong (Jan, Tom)
    Jan and Tom made a giant pong version where a laser dot is the ball, and players use sticks to “smash” the ball
  • TEAM 2: 24×8 LED-strip Display (Erik)
    Erik made a display out of a LED-strip and showed us a very known game. 8×24 individual addressable RGB LED’s in a nice casing.
  • TEAM 3: Body scanner slider (Toon, Jeffrey)
    Toon helped out Jeffrey with his Bodyscanner, where he needed an automated vertical slider
  • TEAM 4: 3-pod walker (Yvon, Ibe,  David)
    This team made a tripod walking robot, that needs to find a way to walk on 3 legs without falling over
  • TEAM 5: Blow my pong (Nick, Bram, Tom)
    The winning team made a linear pong version, where 2 fans have to “blow” a ball into the opposite direction

  • TEAM 6: Arduino Synth (Davey, Max, Joeri)
    Davey and Joeri worked on a synth – playroutine to play 4 channel music on an Arduino Leonardo