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The 10th Arduino-Jam: starting at the 7th of October 2016 at 17h00 end ending 48 hours later on the 9th at 17h00. We ask a small fee of €40 for drinks, food, some snacks, insurance, a dry place to sleep and a very nice place to jam for 48 hours.

This includes:
* breakfast: Saturday and Sunday
* lunch: Saturday and Sunday
* diner: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

We kindly ask you to pay in advance. Once you filled out this form, we will send you an email with our bank account number, so you can make the transfer. Having paid, means your registration is final and secured.

If you're under 18, your parents will need to sign a document.

* Name

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* I'm under 18, please email me a document for my parents to sign.

I'm joining for the Arduino OR Arduboy JAM

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